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Breeding plans for 2017 kids have been made!  

Check out our 2017 Kidding Schedule for details on the plan for our spring kidding season that will begin in March.  We have some new additions this year, and are excited to see how our pairings turn out!   


Two new additions to the farm this spring, one being a doe kid we have wanted for a few years now.  Chatterbox DC Sweet Sadie (Dawnland SH Copper x Dawnland FAL Eclogue)  arrived this week, and we just love her!  Also (pictured here) we travelled to pick up an exceptional doe from Luv Lil Mtn Farm in Cleveland NC this past week.  Takeachance RR Dora (Sired by J-Nels Robert Redford) joined our herd, and we couldn't be happier to have her.  She has recently been Linear Appraised by the ADGA and received a score of 86 VV+V as a first freshener. Both are exciting new additions to our doe herd.

We hope you find our website easy to navigate in order to find all the information you need.  We also post updates to our Hawks View Farm Facebook page regularly, so click below to connect with that and get up-to-date news from the farm.  

HERD Notes....

As of January 2013 the Hawks View Farm herd has been

disease tested and the herd is DISEASE FREE of


A new round of testing will be completed soon. 

As always - at the time of sale, any goat can be tested at the buyer's request.

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