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Hawks View Farm B King Fergus


LA 2013 (Youngstock) VVVV

Sire:   God's Love Farm King Bambi

Sire's sire:  Lost Valley KW Alexis *S

Sire's Dam:  SilverAurora CC Xcellence (Deceased)

Dam:  Hawks View Farm Lil Sioux

Dam's Sire:  God's Love Farm Tough Lil Dude

Dam's Dam:  Moon Spinner's Cisco's Cree

Fergus will be used widely this year as we really want to assess his qualities and how they affect kids born here at Hawks view. We expect great things.  Check out the kidding schedule to see who is lined up to have kids that will be sired by Fergus.

Pictured here is Fergus' Dam's udder in 2016.  She is a favorite here, and her udder did not disappoint this year. Sioux has maintained consistency each and every year with her kids, and udder.  

Linsin's BSR Shuson Kato

DOB: 7/14 /15
Sire's sire: Gay-mor's RA Kingwood *S

Sire:  Lost Valley KW Ironwood *S*B

Sire's Dam: Lost Valley Blueberry Wine

Dam's Sire:  Enchanted Hill Haiku

Dam: Enchanted Hill 17 Syllables

Dam's Dam:   Enchanted Hill Luna C

'Kato' is our Ironwood prodigy and we can't wait to see how his kids turn out. He started breeding season off being bred to our girl, Cree.  The Enchanted Hill Lines should be an exceptional combination.  He is put together well, and we anticipate he will be a good fit with our breeding plans. NEW pic soon...

His mother's udder is impressive, and as she is retired now, he will be one of the last of this exceptional line.   

Pictured below is Enchanted Hill 17 Syllables udder after Kato's birth, which is notable that she fed triplets with no supplementing (after all these years!).  Her udder has stood the test of time, with attachments, production, etc.  She is a model doe, with traits we admire and strive for! 

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