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Gypsy Moon Ashera

DOB:  2/19 /10

Sire's sire: Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++S

Sire: AGS Irish Whisper Raisin' Cain

Sire's Dam:  Morning Star Em's Morning Dove

Dam's SIre: Velvet Acres Tuscan SUn

Dam: Sugar Creek TS Vivacious 2*M

Dam's Dam: GCH/ARMCH Sugar Creek Nate's Patience *D 'E' 1*M 

When we had the opportunity to purchase Ashera from our friends at Linsin's BSR, we jumped at the chance to add this lovely doe, with excellent dairy character, and nice conformation.  She has been here a short time, but already she has made her mark with her gentle temperament, and excellent manners on the milk stand.  Welcome to Hawks View Ashera!  

Photos courtesy of Christina Linsin.  

Hawks View Farm Lil Sioux

LA2013: VVVV 85

DOB: 3/13/2011

GS: Lost Valley Alexis *S

Sire:  MCH God's Love Farm Tough Lil Dude *S

G-dam-God's Love Farm Choco Eclair

Dam's Sire:  Moon Spinner's Cisco D'oro

Dam:  Moon Spinner's Cisco's Cree

D-Dam: Moon Spinner's May Apple

Sioux is a precious gem of our herd.  She has a lovely temperament along with beautiful conformation clearly inherited from her mother, Cree (with blue eyes to boot!).  She freshened last year for the first time with a single buckling by Phoenix Rising OneKnightStand *S*B.  Her udder came in nicely with great texture, extremely easy milkability, and nice attachment.  

Sioux's udder has continued to improved with each freshening.  She is a herd favorite, always producing lots of milk, and really nice kids, bearing dairy conformation and nice personalities.

2012-First fresh

Sioux - Fifth freshening, kidded with twins. Hawks View Farm Zero to Sixty and HVF Lil Red Corvette, sired by Dill's CH High Speed Chase *S. Her udder has taken a huge turn for the better this year!  At just over a month fresh, her udder looks better than ever.  We are thrilled with the kids, and her production.  

Linsin's MHF Tisa - For Sale $500/bred

DOB: 1/5/13

   SS:   Enchanted Hill Toby

Sire:  Enchanted Hill Marmot

   SD:   Enchanted Hill Field Mouse

   DS:   Little Tot's Estate Joe-Pye

Dam:  Enchanted Hill O'Seven

  DD:   Enchanted Hill Laughing Loon

Tisa's udder - third freshening.  She had a single kid this year, and has proven year after year to produce and put milk in the pail with extremely nice attachments and overall confirmation!  We love our Tisa!

Takeachance RR Dora

DOB: 5/15/14

Sire:J-Nels Robert Redford

SS:AGS Dragonfly U L'il Tiger

SD:SGCH J-Nels O Buttercup 2*M

Dam:Takeachance TR Ariel 

DS:AGS Enchanted Hill Triton

DD:Gypsy Moon MO Estrella

Linear Appraisal 2016:  VV+V 86

We are thrilled to have Dora here on the farm.  She has settled in nicely and is still growing and looking stellar, with excellent dairy character, nice rump, and incredible production, for which we are grateful. She is exceptional in every way, and has a fabulous attitude.

Pictures below of Dora's first freshening udder courtesy of Sarah Moore.  

Apache Downs Lil Ditty

DOB: 4/15/15

     SS:Lost Valley Alexis

Sire:God's Love Farm Tough Lil Dude

     SD: God's Love Farm Choco Eclair

     DS:  NC Promisedland Bolero

Dam:  Proctor Hill Farm BoDesire

      DD:  Proctor Hill Farm Destare

Pictured is Ditty's first freshening udder after having a single doe kid.  We can't wait to see her second freshening udder.  The potential is exciting!  

Hawks View Farm OKS Derby

Hawks View Farm OKS Derby

  DOB:  1/16/2014 

SS:  MCH/CH TX Twin Creeks FAX SummerKnight *S *B  

Sire:  Phoenix Farm OneKnightStand *S*B

     SD: SG NC Promiseland Deviant Seven 3*M 6*D LA 90

   SD:  Moon Spinner's Cisco D'oro

Dam:  MoonSpinner's Cisco's Cree

   DD:  Moon Spinner's May Apple

Hawks View Farm AV Palio Di Siena

DOB: 5/15/15

      SS:  Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah   

Sire:  Dragonfly HLJ Antonio Vivaldi

     SD: CH Dragonfly G Deirdre *D AR                             DS:  PhoenixFarm OneKnightStand  *S*B

Dam:  Hawks View Farm OKS Derby

                                                                                                           DD:   MoonSpinner's Cisco's Cree

Pictured here is Siena's first freshenig udder, after kidding a single doe kid.

Hawks View Farm IW Silver Maple (Sylva)  For Sale (bred) $500

DOB: 2/10 /15

SS:   Gay-Mor RA Kingwood ++*S,

Sire:  Lost Valley KW Ironwood *S*B

   SD:   GCH/ARMCH Lost Valley BDC Blueberry Wine 3*D/3*M

   DS:   Gypsy Moon HW Larkspur

Dam:  Lil' Luck Diamond

   DD:  Noah's Acres LJ

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